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Weighted blanket.
Actively cooled.

The world's first and only actively cooled weighted blanket lets you sleep in complete comfort all night long.

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FrioQuilt Patent Pending Technology 

Cooled water is circulated inside the weighted blanket to keep you comfortable.  Now you experience the comfort of a weighted blanket without getting overheated.

How It Works

Cooling Unit

A specially designed electronic cooling unit pumps cool water into a soft plastic mat that is inserted into the weighted blanket.  The cooled water maintains a set temperature while you're under the weighted blanket. Just add water and you can adjust the temperature to whatever you like.

Weighted Blanket

The weighted blanket includes 20 lbs of top quality glass micro-beads.  One side of the weighted blanket is made from soft quilted cotton and the other side is made from plush minky fabric.  

Fall asleep. Stay asleep.

The whisper quiet chilling unit keeps you cool and comfortable all night long.  You can place the cooling unit on the night stand or on the floor at the foot of your bed.

Beta Tester Testimonials

FrioQuilt has changed my life.  Now I can use a weighted blanket without getting overheated.

R. Baxter

I have been looking for something like this ever since I bought my first weighted blanket.  This technology is legit.

T. Moss

All I can say is it works and I have never slept better.

J. Latson


Weighted to reduce anxiety. Cooled to induce deep sleep.