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Weighted to reduce anxiety. Actively cooled to induce deep sleep.

FrioQuilt is a modern and affordable take on the weighted blanket.


It's the world's first actively cooled, weighted blanket, specifically designed to:

  • ease you to sleep faster

  • keep you in a deep sleep longer


Ethan Spencer, creator

Hello, I'm Ethan Spencer, creator of FrioQuilt.


Why did I create FrioQuilt? Well it's actually a fairly simple story:

I loved my weighted blanket. I hated how hot it would make me. 


I wanted to find a solution to stay cool within the comfort of a weighted blanket.

I started by changing the temperature of my bedroom. Cranking the air conditioning didn't help because weighted blankets block air going in or out. Totally impenetrable. I then turned to those expensive "cooling fabrics" that feel cold to the touch. They didn't do anything about the heat. Rather, they give the illusion of cool for the first few minutes, but soon enough I started to sweat all the same.

That's when I decided to create something different. I liked the design of my computer's CPU cooler, which sent a cooled fluid substance to the surface of my extra-hot CPU chip. Similarly, I wanted to send water through a quiet cooler you could keep under your bed to the inside of a blanket.


And I did just that. With the help of my dad, we created a system that silently cools water in a pod you can keep under your bed. This cooled water is sent to every inch of your blanket, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the entire night.


I finally achieved comfortable sleep.

FrioQuilt provides better sleep using two simple techniques.


A weighted blanket, around 10% of one's body weight, relaxes the user into sleep faster than an unweighted blanket.


Why does this work?


Pressure on the body can increase the release of serotonin in the brain, the chemical responsible for creating a sense of calm and well-being in the body. This science is used in "Deep Touch Pressure Therapy" and is also why FrioQuilt can ease you to sleep faster than a normal blanket.


The ideal body temperature for deep sleep is

60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, it's easier for the body to enter it's deep sleep REM cycles.

As you fall asleep, your body temperature drops. If your body isn't able to stay cool, it can be challenging to fall asleep or stay asleep.


FrioQuilt's cooling technology keeps you at this temperature throughout the night, even underneath a weighted blanket, allowing you to maintain deeper sleep cycles for longer.

What's in the box?

The Pod

The pod is where water is cooled. It's small enough to fit under your bed (7" tall) and quiet enough to let you sleep throughout the night.

To stay cool, we recommend setting it to 65° Fahrenheit. If you so choose, you can also heat your FrioQuilt!

The Cooling Sheet

The cooling sheet is outfitted with an array of channels for water to pass through and a 4' long tube that connects to the Pod. When you get your FrioQuilt, insert the cooling sheet within your Weighted Quilt. Then, connect the cooling sheet to the Pod.

The Weighted Quilt

The Weighted Quilt is 67 inches x 59 inches and includes 20 lbs of top quality glass micro-beads delicately placed within the quilted cotton fabric.